Haval finally arrives in Mozambique!

Haval finally arrives in Mozambique!

HAVAL is a brand specialized in the manufacture of vehicles characterized by a perfect combination of technological, innovative components and high safety features. Currently with more than seven million vehicles sold around the globe, proving the excellent quality of its vehicle models in the SUV segments.

Given the quality of the vehicles, HAVAL has become the preferred choice of users in Australia, Russia and South Africa, where it currently ranks in the top 4 of the best-selling brands.

The most iconic models at the moment are the Haval Jolion crossover, the Haval H6 SUV and the successful P-Series commerical pickup, the P-series Passenger pickup and the P-Series Single Cab – which continue to gain market share from other renowned brands worldwide.

Haval, after exploring emerging markets such as Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Brunei, has developed a sales network covering more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, having factories in Ecuador, Malaysia, Tunisia, Bulgaria, and having recently acquired the Mercedes factory in Brazil in addition to the TULA factory in Russia.

ATOMUVAL is a Mozambican company, created with the mission of providing cars with a modern design and high technology, which are vehicles that better meet the mobility needs of any Mozambican. It is the official dealer of HAVAL-GWM brand vehicles, a world leader in sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

By allying itself with this HAVAL-GWM brand, ATOMUVAL fulfills its vision of offering products of proven durability, great design, innovative technology components and competitive prices, to become a renowned reference in the provision of safe vehicles for the most diverse memorable destinations in the country.